LIFE/BLOG UPDATE #1: Schedule Change (or: The One Where I Try to Get Everything in Order)

LifeBlog Update_ Schedule Change

Hey, everyone!

So, as the title of this post suggests, I’m thinking of doing a schedule change for this blog. As in….actually having a schedule at all, really (because, let’s be honest, I have no schedule what so ever). After thinking about it for a bit, I decided that having a (semi) regular schedule would be great, not only to keep me organized, but so you guys can have some more regular content as well! I still have to flesh it out some, but this is what I’m thinking:

Book Tags: Monday

Reviews: Wednesday

Discussions: Friday

Lists: Saturday

Monthly TBRs: the first day of the month (or within the first week of the month)

Monthly Wrap-Ups: the last day of the month (or within the first few days of the next month)

Life/Blog Updates: whenever they are needed

This is going to take some work to get it up and running, so I’ll probably be on a hiatus for a week or two. If it’s more than that, then expect me to post by the first week of June! Also, I should point this out: I’m probably not going to have something every single week for each thing. For example, I might have a review on Wednesday of next week, but maybe not the week after that. It’s going to vary, depending on the time I have to both read books and write posts, but when I do post, whatever day it is will determine what that post is about! With this in mind, I’m hoping that it will make the posts I write more varied, so for example, I won’t be posting three reviews in a row. I figured it would be more fun for you guys, too!

Tl;dr: I’m trying to get my shit in order and have scheduled posting. This might take a while to start up.

So yeah, this may be my last post for some time…I appreciate you all who are following this blog and reading/liking/commenting on my posts! I really appreciate it, and you. Hopefully, once I get everything in order, this will be a lot smoother for all of us.

Until next time~

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