TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY #6 | 2019 Reading Resolutions

Hi, everyone! Here we are at another Wednesday, just in time for Top 5 Wednesday. T5W is brought to you by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. There is also a Goodreads group if you want to learn more about it and/or participate! This week’s theme is 2019 reading resolutions. Let’s begin!


5. Keep track of my bookish stats

This is sort of a reading resolution, isn’t it? Either way, seeing everyone’s 2018 wrap-up posts have inspired me. I never kept track of what I read outside of what I do through Goodreads. And graphs? Yes, please, I love visuals. It would also be interesting to see what kinds of books and genres I read more of. I’ll be tracking this through Kal’s blogging spreadsheet!

4. Reduce my physical TBR as much as possible

Probably like many a book lover, I have let my bookshelves become overrun by unread books. To try and remedy this, I am creating my own TBR jar. I have of my unread books written on slips of paper (minus the ones that are part of a series, so I don’t read them out of order). Then, every month, I will pick four titles and (try to) read them all along w ith books I choose. You can see it in action in my January TBR!

3. Find more books with queer protagonists

A goal like this one is going to be forever ongoing. I won’t ever not keep an eye out for books with queer characters. However, there is a small caveat: at least half of these books will have queer characters of color, disabled queer characters, mentally ill queer characters… In short, I am trying to find more queer characters outside of white cisgender gay men/boys.

2. Read at least five 2019 releases

If you all couldn’t tell from my list of reviews, I am horrible when it comes to reading new releases. I think I only read three or four 2018 releases last year? So I really want to try harder in reading them this year, and seven seems like a good enough number. I already have a good amount of books in line, so I think this will be fun.

1. Start two new series

I’m pretty excited for this one! I want to read more series that are longer than three or four books. On top of that, I want to make it a bit more challenging. I already know of some series, with preconceived notions about them. To combat this, the two series I read will be ones that I have never heard of before. Without knowing anything, I hope to be able to fully enjoy myself without any expectations for once!


And there are my reading goals for 2019! Do you have any 2019 reading resolutions? If so, let me know!

Until next time~



2 thoughts on “TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY #6 | 2019 Reading Resolutions

    1. Thank you! Oh, that’s good, you have the drive to get through some of them. I have a few copies I have to get through for review, but outside of that, most of mine are backlist, too, lol.


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