NON-BOOKISH ADVENTURES #1 | Who’s That Pokemon Team? (Part 1)

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my first-ever Non-Bookish Adventures post! This one is pretty fun and/or unique, I think. For this series, I choose four or five characters from different media and create a team of 4-6 Pokemon that I think would suit them. By media, I mean anyone from books, video games, TV shows, etc. I really hope this works out and that you all enjoy this!

Since I explained everything, let’s begin!

1. Honchkrow

This seems…self-explanatory? He always has crows around his window sill, and he has a crow head for his cane handle, so Honchkrow seems to fit perfectly.

2. Persian

Kaz forces greed to do his bidding, so Persian would be a perfect fit for him. You can’t tell me this cat doesn’t hoarde all the gold it finds. He also strikes me as a cat person? They both like to show and receive affection on their own terms. Their own very specific terms.

3. Umbreon

This is a headcanon, but I think Kaz would hate sleeping in absolute darkness. He does it because he has to, obviously, but Umbreon could be a mellow nightlight that lets him sleep better.

4. Scyther

I mean, sure, Kaz doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty when he has to, but Scyther can for sure be good for the threatening factor. Who wouldn’t be at least a little antsy with a giant-ass bug with sycthes as hands?

1. Lucario

Listen, a friend of mine loves both Kingdom Hearts (especially Kairi) and Lucario, so I now have this association in my mind. And I dunno, I just think Lucario would suit Kairi nicely with both their personalities.

2. Meganium

Hear me out. Kairi has a flowery keyblade, and Meganium has a literal petal/flower crown neck thing. They are both very cute. And Meganium also calms people through the aroma from its petals! I think that fits Kairi well, eve if she is an adequate fighter.

3. Togepi

LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE TOGEPI IS. You can’t tell me Kairi wouldn’t snatch ’em up as soon as she got the chance. Also? Togekiss is a badass, just like Kai.

4. Milotic

Listen, you cannot tell me this isn’t the most elegant-looking Pokemon out there. And beacuse it is so elegant and beautiful, it would be a great match for Kairi. Also, I”m just thinking that Kairi found a Feebas on Destiny Islands and stayed with it until it evolved into Milotic, and they go everywhere together.

5. Roserade

Another “beautiful but deadly” kind of Pokemon that would totally fuck me up. Similarly with Milotic, I just think Kai met a little Budew on the islands, and now they’re both all grown up and strong as heck. And another floral Pokemon because that’s Kairi’s aesthetic, let’s be honest.

1. Snorlax

Okay, for those of you who know the show, you’ll probably see this as a cop-out, but still. Both Snorlax and Grif are incredibly lazy and love food, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, I see Snorlax as a wonderful pillow, so that’s a perk, too. ‘Cause we all know Grif would take a nap every chance he could get.

2. Hippopotas

If you spent as much time in a desert canyon like Blood Gulch, you would also make friends with a cute little hippo….like Grif. And you would also be gruff about it, not admitting that you’re friends with it….like Grif.

3. Pignite

Pignite has two uses: making damn good barbeque, ’cause ya know, it’s a fire pig, and it can also scare Simmons away when he’s being too annoying, saying that Grif is eating too many of the rations and “we’re all going to starve now!” And for some reason, I just headcanon Grif to be the guy who ends up adopting all the cute animal Pokemon, like with Hippopotas.

4. Drilbur

See the previous note about adopting adorable Pokemon. But also, since Drilbur has the ability to, ya know, dig, it can probably do something goofy like dig a giant hole, where the ground is cool, so Grif could just hop down and cool off (and also hide from the other Reds). Sarge might threaten to fill the hole with Grif still in it, obviously, but still.

1. Zorua

It makes sense that a magician has a Pokemon with an illusion ability, right? Totally. And uh. I think I have a type of character who is a man that secretly (or not-so-secretly) love cute animal-like Pokemon. Zorua is a cute shadow fox that deserves all the good things in life.

2. Haxorus

Back again with the “he’s a magician” excuse. And because he’s a magician, he needs a cool-looking dragon friend, who may also have the ability to rip your limbs off. ‘Cause, ya know, sometimes the twins deserve it, amiright?

3. Cubchoo

You cannot tell me Kell would walk past this little guy while in White London and do absolutely nothing. Look at the snot coming out of its nose, it practically can’t take care of itself. Also, when it evolves, it will be a complete powerhouse that Kell would still try to protect “because you were so little before, I need to keep you safe.”

4. Dragonite

Yet another Dragon-type, but the cute dragon, ya know? If Kell has a murder-dragon, he has to have a cuddle-dragon. For balance, obviously. Also, I’m not quite sure how it would work, but Dragonite could totally send messages quickly between worlds, or just within the same world, if Kell needed it.

So that was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, but it was so fun, too! Please please please let me know how you like it. What other characters would you like to see for this mini feature? Let me know!



13 thoughts on “NON-BOOKISH ADVENTURES #1 | Who’s That Pokemon Team? (Part 1)

  1. You had me at « pokemon », I just HAD to read it !!
    Though I have no idea of any of thoses characters, it was a really nice read- hopefully you’d do more of this with other characters ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, what kind of edits did you do? That sounds fun! And I’m glad you like it — I’m pretty proud of Kaz’s choices myself, actually, lol.

      I don’t expect a lot of bookish people to know the other two characters, especially Grif, but it’s fun to find people who have similar tastes than just books, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. so I only know Kaz and Kell, and my Pokemon knowledge is limited to a scant handful of episodes plus association with Pokemon-fanatic childhood best friends plus a little bit of Pokemon Go – but now that we’ve established I have no idea what I’m talking about, I can tell you that I think your matchups are spot on 😜 this is such a fun idea, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, that’s totally okay! My partner only knows a little bit, too, but he likes playing Pokemon GO, so I like talking to him about the Pokemon he doesn’t know, lol.

      Thank you! I thought that it’d be interesting, and I’m glad people are liking it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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