REVIEW #61 | THEY/THEM/THEIR by Eris Young (eARC)

Title: They/Them/Their

Author: Eris Young

Series or Standalone?: Standalone

Publishing Date: 19 September 2019

Synopsis (Goodreads:

“Chosen as one of The List’s Hot 100 in 2019.

“In this insightful and long-overdue book, Eris Young explores what it’s like to live outside of the gender binary and how it can impact on one’s relationships, sense of identity, use of language and more.

“Drawing on the author’s own experiences as a nonbinary person, as well as interviews and research, it shares common experiences and challenges faced by those who are nonbinary, and what friends, family and other cisgender people can do to support them. Breaking down misconceptions and providing definitions, the history of nonbinary identities and gender-neutral language, and information on healthcare, this much-needed guide is for anyone wanting to fully understand nonbinary and genderqueer identities.”

Trigger/Content warnings:

  • N/A


  • non-fiction about non-binary and genderqueer genders

⭐⭐⭐ .5
3.5/5 stars

DNF @ 50%

*I have received an eARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I really appreciate what They/Them/Their is doing, but personally, it fell a little bit short. But it wasn’t because of the content itself!

They/Them/Their is a non-fiction novel by Eris Young. It is all about non-binary genders: the history behind them, the community aspect, where we are today. It included a number of interviews with non-binary people, including those who are genderqueer, genderfluid, and more, as well as a general overview of what non-binary genders are. Put shortly, They/Them/Their, while not attempting to be all-encompassing, is meant to be a good starter for those who want to learn more about genders that are outside the binary of man and woman.

I was really excited to start this book! I have recently come to the realization that I am genderqueer, so I was itching to see myself and others similar to me in a non-fiction book. And for the most part? I enjoyed the half of the book that I read. It isn’t horrible by any means; on the contrary, I thought it quite interesting. However, what really killed it for me was the way in which it was written. The book, to me, is written in a very dry format, where it sounds more like an article out of an academic journal. There’s nothing wrong with that in particular — I love a good article as much as the next person! — but a whole book of it soon enough became too tiring for me, and that’s why I DNF’d halfway through. I think if it was written in a more narrative style, it would be a more digestible read for people who may not be used to that sort of writing.

Again, the content itself is still interesting, and I think I’ll go back and read a chapter here and there in the future. But in terms of easy reading? I think it could do better, personally.

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