NON-BOOKISH ADVENTURES #5 | 10 Favorite Grass-Type Pokemon

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to my blog! Or if you’re new, then welcome, thank you for visiting! Today, partially in honor of National Pokemon Day, I wanted to make a quick list of my favorite grass-type Pokemon. These aren’t at all ranked or anything — just a few of my favorite grass Pokes!


Image result for bulbasaur

Look at this adorable onion dinosaur. I love him. He’s the best.

Alolan Exeggutor

Image result for alolan exeggutor pokemon db

When this boy was announced before Sun and Moon came out, I was so happy. Look at how long he is, it’s awesome.


Image result for chikorita pokemon db

The best Johto starter, and you can’t tell me otherwise. Look at that big ol’ leaf. I don’t care if she isn’t that good in-game, I still choose her.


Image result for shroomish pokemon db

This lil mushroom is one of my favorite grass types from Hoenn! I think it’s because he’s available so early in the game and knows the different Powder moves. Also evolves into one of the only Grass/Fighting types, which is a rad type combination!


Image result for appletun pokemon db

APPLE PIE DRAGON! APPLE PIE DRAGON!! I cannot wait to get my hands on Sword and/or Shield because look at this good boi. He’s absolutely adorable.


Image result for grovyle pokemon db

When I was younger, I fell in love with Treecko’s evolution line, but especially Grovyle. I really liked this design — it’s all angular and green. Also, Leaf Blade is *chef’s kiss*.


Image result for celebi pokemon db

Look at this sweet onion child, too pure for this world.


Image result for leafeon pokemon db

I’m Eevee trash, what did y’all expect? Leafeon (and Glaceon, let’s be honest) was one of my fav ‘mons from Gen 4!


Image result for pumpkaboo pokemon db

Spooky grass jack-o’-lantern! I never used ’em in-game before, but I love the design. Very cute!


Image result for gogoat pokemon db

I also never used Gogoat in a game. I just like it because of this song.

And there are ten of my favorite grass-type Pokemon! I hope you all enjoyed this cute lil list, and let me know: do you love any of these Pokemon? Or other Grass types? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “NON-BOOKISH ADVENTURES #5 | 10 Favorite Grass-Type Pokemon

    1. YES, WE DO. And yeah, I love all the onions. Give them to me, lol.

      Mega Sceptile makes me so happy, I forgot about ’em, lol. But they’re dope.

      Grass types are unappreciated, and I love them so much, lol.

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