LIST #21 | 21 Goals in 2021

21 Goals for 2021: will I actually commit? Guess we’ll find out.

Happy New Year, everyone! Also, hi, I’m back from (yet another) hiatus! I hope you can find some time to relax as we jump into a new year that will hopefully be better than the last. For today (…tonight, lmao) I wanted to talk about some goals I have for the year — 21 to be exact! And no, I didn’t plan to have this be my 21st list, but it looks cool, doesn’t it? Anyway, these goals aren’t in one specific area — instead, I have divided it into blogging goals, reading goals, goals for other hobbies, and general life goals. Some goals will be more specific than others, but I figured I would try them out for a more interesting 2021!

Blogging Goals

  • post 1-3 times a week
    • I want to give myself leeway so I don’t burn out and go back on hiatus, which is why I’m giving myself a range of 1 to 3 posts
  • post ARC reviews on time
    • I am so bad at actually writing/posting ARC reviews before the book is published, so…here’s to me trying?
  • blog hop 1-2 times a week
    • I haven’t regularly blog hopped….ever….in my life. But! I really want to support fellow bloggers
  • reach out to at least 3 publishers for ARC requests
    • I suppose this can also be considered a reading goal, but I want to reach out to three different publishers/imprints to review upcoming releases — and hope they agree to it, lol
  • look into the interview process for a book blog
    • I’m interested in learning more about what goes into the interview process for a book blog (how do y’all make up questions? hello??), regardless of it’s an author or other bookish content creator

Reading Goals

  • read 80-100 books for the year
    • I have never read so many books for as long as I recorded my reading, but I’m excited to see if I can do it! It’s about 7 books a month, which I think I’m capable of (especially if I read more graphic novels and manga like I want to)
  • read at least 30 non-fiction books
    • I have such a long TBR when it comes to non-fiction, and I’ve been meaning to read more, which is why I set a good amount of non-fiction, 30 being almost half of my 80-book reading goal
  • reduce my owned TBR down to 10
    • I’ve been slowly making my way through my owned TBR, but I really want to get it down as low as possible this year. I don’t know if I’ll actually get it down that low, but it’s something to strive for
  • read ARCs within a month of receiving them
    • going along with the goal I have about reviewing ARCs on time, I want to try and read ARCs within a month of getting them. I think I’ll be able to keep up with this — as long as I don’t go on a requesting spree on NetGalley, lol
  • finish at least two series
    • I have a few series I’m in the middle of that I want to finish, so I’m hoping to get to at least two of them
  • participate in the PopSugar Reading Challenge
    • this is a bit out of the blue: I have never done this before, but I thought it would be fun!

Goals for Other Hobbies

  • finish at least one video game per month
    • so I am absolutely horrible at finishing games that aren’t the main Pokemon games. And with my fiance gifting me his PS4, along with my going on a slight spending spree… I may have quite a few games to get through. I think one game a month should be doable and won’t be too stressful
  • become more proficient in French
    • I’m trying to teach myself French! It’s really hard! But I’m hoping by the end of the year, I know more vocabulary and conjugations than at the beginning
  • watch at least 2 movies or TV shows a month
    • I am notorious for never watching anything, lol. But I want to change that! Two movies or shows every month seems doable, I think. Plus, just think of all the journal spreads I could do
  • practice the flute once a week
    • I’ve played the flute in school from when I was 10 all the way through to when I graduated high school at 18, and then I stopped almost immediately afterwards. I want to get back into it! Once a week should be easy enough to fit into my schedule
  • journal at least twice a month
    • earlier in November, I started my own general journal for my day-to-day life, and I want to keep it up. Not a lot happens in my life, so I think twice a month should be enough

General Life Goals

  • consistently drink 64 ounces of water 5-7 days per week
    • I’m usually pretty good about doing this, but I made a tracker just in case!
  • exercise 2-3 times per week
    • this isn’t for weight loss or to gain muscle or anything — I just want to try to move around a bit more
  • practice yoga 2-3 times per week
    • for days I’m not exercising, I’d like to stretch and do some yoga
  • use my gratitude jar every day
    • a friend from undergrad gave me a gratitude jar for Christmas one year, and I really want to get back into using it — I like looking back on different memories throughout the year
  • try 2-3 new recipes a month
    • I have so many cookbooks and only a tiny bit of cooking experience, so. Here we are, lol. I figured it’d be fun, and I want to learn how to cook more things!

And those are my goals for 2021! Feel free to let me know if you have any similar goals or what any of your other goals are, even if they aren’t similar! See y’all next week. 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! I…have to become better organized with them because I am already behind, lmao.

      Ohh, Gaelic seems like a really hard language to learn. Good luck to learning more about it 🙂

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