BOOK TAG #18 | Non-Binary Book Tag

Non-Binary Book Tag
Non-Binary Book Tag

Hi, everyone! Today, I’m super excited to give y’all this book tag focusing on non-binary books and authors! It’s the Non-Binary Book Tag, created by Raviv over at Crescent Moon Reads. Here’s their video, if anyone’s interested. I meant to actually post this last year, but ya know. Hiatus and all, lmao. But anyway~

Name a book that feature an enby character.

Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller
Mask of Shadows – Linsey Miller


Honestly, I love this book and its sequel, Ruin of Stars. They feature a genderfluid protagonist, Sal, who enters a tournament to become a member of the Queen’s Left Hand (the queen’s personal guard, basically). I definitely recommend it! If you interested, lemme know and I’ll shoot you the trigger/content warnings!

Name a book coming out or has come out in 2020 that features an enby character.

Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha Lee
Phoenix Extravagant – Yoon Ha Lee


Listen, I can’t say no to dragons, automaton or living. Add in a non-binary main character, and you’ve completely hooked me. Phoenix Extravagant has been on my radar for a few months before it came out, and I’ve been meaning to get my hands on it…but alas.

Name an author who is enby! Mention their book! (if they are publicly out ONLY)

Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee
Meet Cute Diary – Emery Lee


Yes, hi, hello, if you aren’t following Emery on Twitter, you should fix that real fast! E is a pretty rad person, and e also has a book coming out in May this year: Meet Cute Diary! There’s fake dating, enemies to lovers, trans joy. What’s not to love? I definitely recommend checking Emery out on Twitter and adding eir book to your TBR!

Shoutout 3 BookTubers who are enby! If you don’t know 3, try to fix that and name as many as you can. (again, ONLY if they are publicly out!)

So I’m going to include both BookTubers and bloggers! First up is Vic, a genderfluid teen that blogs over at Santana Reads. You can also find them over on Twitter. Next up is Raviv, the non-binary transmasc creator of this tag. Like I said earlier, Raviv is a BookTuber over at Crescent Moon Reads. They also have a Twitter! We also have Anniek/Niek, a non-binary book blogger over at Anniek’s Library. You can find them on Twitter, too! Finally, Brody is a non-binary BookTuber over at Et tu, Brody?, and you can find them on Twitter, as well! (Also hello, if you didn’t know, I’m genderqueer as fuck โœจ)

And there y’all have it, the Non-Binary Book Tag! I don’t like tagging others (heck, most of the tags I do I’m not tagged in to begin with, lol), so if you’re interested, then consider yourself tagged. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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