WRAP UP #17 | (a very late) Quarterly Wrap-Up: January — March 2021

Quarterly Wrap Up: January to March

Hey, all! Sorry for uh….basically falling off the face of the Earth. I just haven’t been in the mood to blog, and I didn’t want to force it. Ergo, blog hiatus. I can’t say I’ll be all that regular with my posting, but I will post when I feel like it, so maybe that’ll mean the quality of my work will increase since I won’t feel pressured to do so. ☺️

Anyway, on to the subject of this here post: a wrap-up! I’ve decided to try out a new way to do my wrap-ups: instead of doing one monthly, I figured I’d try out doing one quarterly. I’m not sure how it’ll go or if y’all will like it, but I wanted to try something new! So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to the first three months of the year ☺️

Books Read


I’m really happy with my reading in January! I was able to read 8 books, which honestly, is my monthly goal if I had to have any. And I only DNF’d one of them!

Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect?: Police Violence and Resistance in the United States — Maya Schenwar, Alana Yu-Ian Price, and Joe Macaré | 5⭐️ | Review | I was so happy this was my first read of the year: while I already knew a lot of what was talked about, I still learned a great bit of information, too.

Eragon — Christopher Paolini | 1⭐️ | Review | Lol, I knew this whole thing was a train wreck going in, and yet. I did not think it could possibly worse, and it did, time and time again. Only three more books to go, I guess?

Such a Fun Age — Kiley Reid | 4⭐️ | StoryGraph Review | I really loved this one! I didn’t know anything about it, but I snagged it when I noticed it was available on Libby. The social commentary was great, but I wasn’t ready for all the fatphobia (internalized and otherwise). It was pretty rough. Either way, though, I still thought it was a great book!

Mornings in Jenin — Susan Abulhawa | 5⭐️ | Review | I don’t know what to say except this book wreaked me, my god. Nothing else (so far) can compare.

Pages I Never Wrote — Marco Donati | 2⭐️ | StoryGraph Review | This book…really wasn’t for me, which stinks because the MC and LI were actually pretty cute together! (Let’s also forget about the “there will be a review on my blog soon!” Statement because that’s around when I went on hiatus accidentally, lol)

Dowry of Blood — S.T. Gibson | 5⭐️ | Review | So I got an eARC of this, and HOLY SHIT it was so, so good. If you’re wanting some gothic horror with a splash of bi polyam characters, I cannot recommend this enough!

A Woman Is No Man — Etaf Rum | 2⭐️ | StoryGraph Review | I owned this book for a few years, and I finally got around to reading it. I…really wasn’t impressed (and I ultimately ended up DNFing). Just wasn’t a fan at all, so I pretty quickly put it down and refused to read on.

Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them — Erin Gruwell and the Freedom Writers | 3.5⭐️ | StoryGraph | Meh, it was alright. I’m glad the students were able to find a community in the classroom, but being bludgeoned with “tolerance for EVERYONE” almost every essay was tedious. Also, it was kinda hard sometimes to discern the different voices — they all pretty much sounded the same.


I go from being super happy about January’s reading to bombing in February, lol. I think I was in a really bad reading slump, though, so it’s a miracle that I was able to get these three books done, tbh.

Haikyuu!! (Vol. 1) — Haruichi Furudate | 5⭐️ | StoryGraph | I’m so glad that I finally succumbed to peer pressure and got on the hype train for this series! I absolutely fell in love with all the characters, and I can’t wait to see where the story will take me (if I can ever grab the second volume from a library 😭)

Nimona — Noelle Stevenson | 5⭐️ | StoryGraph Review | This was a library loan that was super quick and fun to read! I enjoyed all the hijinks Nimona and Blackheart got into, and I really wasn’t anticipating that ending. Definitely bitter sweet, and I can’t wait to read Noelle Stevenson’s other work.

Uzumaki (Vol. 1) — Junji Ito | 4⭐️ | StoryGraph | This was my first work by Junji Ito, and I really enjoyed it! It was freaky and spooky and everything that I wanted in a weird horror manga.


And we’re back at it with 8 books this month! Granted, two are manga and one is a book I DNF’d, but I’m still counting them, lol.

Uzumaki (Vol. 2) — Junji Ito | 4⭐️ | StoryGraph | This one was just as good as the first one, if not a bit spookier.

Uzumaki (Vol. 3) — Junji Ito | 3⭐️ | StoryGraph | Meh, for all the build-up in the first two volumes, this conclusion let me down. It just got…kinda weird, and not in a good way. That ending was really out of left-field, too, and I wasn’t a huge fan.

Jade City — Fonda Lee | 5⭐️ | StoryGraph | I really wasn’t prepared for how much I was going to love this book. Just…y’all. If you haven’t picked it up already, believe the hype and go read it. It’s amazing.

Gender Mosaic: Beyond the Myth of the Male and Female Brain — Daphna Joel and Luba Vikhanski | 3⭐️ | StoryGraph Review | This book was just kinda…eh. I already knew most of what the authors proposed, and even with them stating that gender, sex, and “male”/“female” brains are not strict binaries, they still basically upheld them. It was incredibly frustrating.

Dragon Pearl — Yoon Ha Lee | 3.5⭐️ | StoryGraph Review | While the pacing was a bit funky, I still enjoyed myself a ton and would recommend it!

The Never Tilting World — Rin Chupeco | 5⭐️ | StoryGraph Review | This was the March/April read for the Celestial Book Club and while everyone else…really didn’t like it lol, I ended up enjoying myself a ton!

Kill the Farm Boy — Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne | DNF | StoryGraph | The sarcasm and satire were just too on the nose for me, and it got annoying real quick. I didn’t even last 20 pages, lol.

My Dark Vanessa — Kate Elizabeth Russell | 5⭐️ | StoryGraph | Oof, this was so hard to read. It was heart-breaking and had me gritting my teeth, but it was such a good exploration of the different ways people accept or deny victimhood. But please take head of the trigger/content warnings, there’s some real heavy shit involved. But wow, what a way to end the month.



Unfortunately, I didn’t play anything this month 😭


February was yet another month of video game disappointment, lol.


…There really was no video game playing in the first three months of the year, huh, lmao.



I didn’t watch anything for January, either :/


Let’s just say I didn’t really do much in February.





I may not have watched or played anything, but I did watch quite a bit of BookTube! (…we’ll just ignore the fact that I didn’t read many book blog posts 😅). This month we have:


I didn’t even watch or read bookish content this month, what was I doing? 😭


I didn’t read many posts, but I did watch a few videos that I really enjoyed!

And there you have it, y’all! While I haven’t been around blogging much this year (yet), I have been reading quite a bit and (trying) to find time for my other hobbies, lol.

What has everyone been up to so far? What sort of books are you loving or hating? Let me know!

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