TOP TEN TUESDAY #7 | Unpopular Bookish Opinions

Hi, everyone! I’m back with another TTT! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that is hosted by That Artsy Girl. Go check her page out if you want to participate. This week’s theme: unpopular bookish opinions! Get ready for some salt, my friends, because I’m probs not holding back.

5. Cassandra Clare’s books are over-hyped.

I’ll start this off by saying I am entirely biased — I only ever read The Mortal Instruments series, and that’s it. I did hear that her work gets better the more you read, but I’m petty and refuse to read more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4. People who critique books when they have problematic elements aren’t “bullies” or “being negative” simply for the critique.

Listen. I see this time and time again when people (especially marginalized folks) call out books for being problematic/having problematic elements. They (rightfully) critique it and then people tend to talk about others (meaning the criquers) being negative or mean within the community. Which…no. Nope. That’s not it, my dude.

3. Harry Potter isn’t as good as everyone says it is, and people aren’t the worst if they never read it or don’t like it.

I said what I said. While I enjoyed Harry Potter, it isn’t the best series ever for me, and *whispers* I don’t think it deserves the pedestal people put it on. Also, uhh, can the fandom stop being ridiculous whenever people say they never read or liked it?

2. New Adult deserves more wide-spread recognition.

I don’t think this is necessarily unpopular with readers, but it may be with publishers and agents. New Adult has so much potential, and the themes it could explore are nearly endless. Please, for the love of everything, give New Adult the attention it deserves.

1. Dog-earing books isn’t the end of the world.

This is actually going to partially be the subject of a post that I have planned for sometime this month or next, but I still want to mention it. Dog-earing book pages isn’t going to make the book go up in flames…even if a lot of people act like it would. Obviously, don’t do so if it’s not your’s unless told otherwise, but damn, some of y’all need to chil out about it, especially if people own the book they’re dog-earing.

And that’s it, y’all! Do you share any of these opinions? What are your unpopular bookish thoughts? Let me know!

Until next time~

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TOP TEN TUESDAY #6 | Books From My Favorite Genre

Hi, everyone! It’s been a hot minute since I did a Top Ten Tuesday post…and now you’re getting two because I wanted to do this one, even if it was last week’s prompt. TTT is managed by That Artsy Reader Girl; go check the page out if you want to join! This week’s prompt is “books from your favorite genre.” Oh, and also, I do top five instead of top ten because it’s easier for me. Let’s begin!

5. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Magic is always fun to play around with, and Schwab does it wonderfully in A Darker Shade of Magic. On top of that, there is an awesome cast of characters and alternate Londons! What more could you want?

4. An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

I just finished this a couple days ago (you’ll see my review in a week or so), and I absolutely loved it. Faerie books usually aren’t my thing, but An Enchantment of Ravens was such an atmospheric and gorgeous book. And that cover? Wow.

3. The Diviners by Libba Bray

If I’m being honest, I almost forgot about The Diviners, which would have been a travesty. With a group of characters, and Evie as the protagonist? Oh, and the creepy murder mystery! If you love the 1920s, friend groups, and supernatural powers, this would be perfect for you.

2. Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo

Imagine: fantastical fairy tales with gorgeous colored illustrations. This is basically Language of Thorns, and I fell in love. It’s definitely a book I would want to own if only so I could admire the illustrations every once in a while.

1. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

A magical fantasy novel set in a world based on West African culture and mythology, and it was everything I needed. I love the characters, and the magic system is pretty cool, too. I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel to come out!

And that’s it for now! What’s your favorite genre/books? Are they any of the books up top? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time~

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BOOK TAG #16 | Pre-Netflix GrishaVerse Tag

So, Nox @ Nox Reads tagged me in this tag…back in January. I’m just now getting to it. This is fine. I’m fine. Not like I had a hiatus that went on for several months right after she tagged me… *nervous laughter* Anyway, let’s get into it!

Note: some of the prompts can contain spoilers for books in the GrishaVerse.

Nina Better Be Plus-Sized: a books with fantastic fat rep

Outside of the Six of Crows duology, Undead Girl Gang is one of the only books I’ve read with good fat rap. And I need to change that. This was a really good book, too, and I would recommend it (here’s my review for more info!).

Malina Are Not My OTP: a book where you couldn’t get behind the romance

I wanted to love this book so bad, but I could not get behind most of If I Loved You Less by Tamsen Parker. There’s slow burn (which I love), and then there’s “let’s throw these two characters together at the last 10% OUT OF NOWHERE.” Ugh.

“The Darkling Isn’t Dead”: a book where you connected with the villain

Hello, Adelina Amouteru, I love you. Seriously, grey characters in YA fantasy series? Here, have my whole soul. I mean, she was the villain to some of the characters, so this totally counts.

Don’t You Dare White Wash: a book-to-movie/TV show adaptation where the character’s ethinicity was respected

I don’t watch many movies or TV shows, so I’m the wrong person to ask. But I guess Rue from The Hunger Games? Wasn’t she black in both the book and movie? That’s all I got.

The King of Scars: a book by a beloved author that you’re excited about

I read A Darker Shade of Magic the beginning of this year, and I absolutely loved it (here’s my review)! I can’t wait to read the sequel, A Gathering of Shadows, hopefully sometime soon.

Inej and Kaz: fancast your faves

*whispers* I’m not doing this because I have no Idea™️ how to.

No Mourners, No Funerals: a book quote that has stuck with you

May I present to you what fucking killed me in Crooked Kingdom? “I would have come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together — knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.” Fuuuuck me.

Tag Your Faves and Spread the Hype

Listen, if you want to do it? Boom, you’re tagged. Go at it, my dude!

And that’s that! I hoped y’all liked it (especially you, Nox!). Lemme know if you decide to do this tag — I’d love to see your answers! Also…super excited about this Netflix series.

Until next time~

Hey there, everyone! I recently created a Patreon that has more bookish stuff. If you like what I do on this here blog, maybe you could think about supporting me with a few dollars in exchange for even more bookish content!

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MONTHLY TBR #13 | June 2019 + The Biblio Games

Hey there, everyone! Long time, no see. I’m sorry about leaving you all on read, essentially. this past semester was super busy, what with graduating and my thesis and grad school applications. Even with everything, though, I didn’t see myself taking a three-month hiatus. But! I’m back now and (hopefully) better than every. We’re just going to start off slow for now: a good ol’ TBR for the month. However, this isn’t just a regular TBR; it’s also the TBR for the Biblio Games, a month-long readathon I’m participating in this month. You can find more information about the readathon on their Twitter page! While I have books specifically for that, because it has different “classes”, I also have a stack that isn’t for the readathon in particular. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

I remember reading this back when I was in middle school, but I completely forgot what happened. Pretty sure it was gore-y, though, which is what I’m in the mood for at the moment. I mean, a horror re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood? Yes, please.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

My friend Kai is going to be so happy that I’m reading this. It’s one of their favorite books. Another book I remember reading in middle school but forgot what happened. I still remember liking it, though. Hopefully, it’s as good as I remember!

Brace Face by Shawn David Hutchinson

I remember seeing this on Twitter, here and there, and I recognized the cover when I saw it in the library. I don’t know if I’m ready to read it, but it’s Pride Month this month. It comes with a page/chapter about the content warnings, which I really appreciate.

Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel

…Half of this TBR is just me going, “Look, a book I read before but can’t remember!” But now we have an added component: I only read, like, halfway through this one, if that. I think 13-year-old me was thrown off by the steampunk-ish aspect, if I remember the book correctly. But here I am, giving it another try!

The Story of Lizzy and Darcy by Grace Watson

Now we’re getting into the books specifically for the readathon! This one is for gym class: a format that I usually don’t read. I bought the eBook for cheap (or got it for free — I don’t remember) a couple years ago. It was an impulse buy for sure: I rarely read eBooks because I don’t have an e-reader. But I couldn’t not buy it: it’s a Pride and Prejudice f/f retelling. Can’t wait to get into it!

The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X

This was for Mission Strategy: a non-fiction book. I’ve had this book for a few years, and I’m intrigued. I love learning about the work of the Black Panthers, and I am excited to learn about Malcolm X’s life.

Check, Please!: #Hockey, Vol. 1 by Ngozi Ukazu

I saw this at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago, and I fell in love. This is the gay sports graphic novel I didn’t know I needed, but here we are. It also falls under the Hero Support class, as a graphic novel.

Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee

I read this last year, and loved it (here’s my review). I’m re-reading it both because it is the homeroom (group read) book for the Sidekicks, and because I want to before I get to Not Your Villain. It will be just as fun as the first time — this is such a good book!

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

It’s about time I re-read this. Already read Six of Crows three times. And now I get to also use it as part of the readathon: lunch time, or a book with a satisfying ending. And the more I sit on it, the better I feel about Crooked Kingdom‘s ending. It just feels right to me, ya know?

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I’ve been meaning to re-read Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and it looks like I get to do it, starting this month! This one’s for the Comedic Relief class: a book with a funny side character. With all of the sass Rick Riordan puts into his books, this would be a perfect book!

And that’s that! My June/Biblio Games TBR! I hope you all enjoyed it, and let me know what books you’re planning to read this month! Are you taking part in the Biblio Games, or any other readathon?

Until next time~

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LIST #13 | Books with Asexual and/or Aromantic Characters!

Hi, everyone! For today, I wanted to do something a little special for the holiday today (technically yesterday, but we’ll ignore that). Valentine’s day can be rough for a lot of us in the ace and/or aro community: it’s one of the days where people, whether they intend to or not, constantly invalidate ace and aro folks by upholding romantic love and sexual attraction as the pinnacle of everything and as “just a basic human thing that everyone does.”

I…don’t really want to get into that discourse right now. Instead, I want to show all the ace and aro folks out there that, regardless of what some people say, we’re valid and we have some awesome representation in books (though, we can always use more…obviously). I tried to look into the deep depths of the internet to find the less well-known pieces, along with having some more popular books, and I think I got some good ones!

I broke this post up into three parts: books with asexual characters, books with aromantic characters, and books with both ace and aro characters or aro-ace characters. Just a sidenote: I haven’t read any of these books, but I’ve tried my best to search out some positive rep! So I take responsibility if any of these books are actually harmful, and I’ll make edits accordingly.

So, yeah, I spent a lot of time researching for this post, so I hope you all enjoy! And make sure to check out the resources I used, which are listed at the end of the list, because they have a ton more books that I didn’t even start to cover in this list.



Jughead, Vol. 1 by Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson

So I never read the original Archie comics or watch the show on Netflix, but I heard that there was an ace character, and lo and behold, there is! Jughead is canonically ace, which is awesome. I’m not usually one for comics, but I might have to try it out!

Bittersweet Symphony by Rebecca McNutt

This looks like a horror books where the protagonist, his daughter, and his coworkers rent out a floor where, ten years before, a mass murder happened. One of the characters (I can’t tell if they’re a protagonist or side character?) is asexual.

A Study of Fiber and Demons by Jasmine Gower

…So a group of not-friends and an amicable professor research “demonwaves,” a form of demon magic. The ace character is part of a polyamorous trio, and how cool is that? Apparently most of the characters would be considered unlikeable, and I’m ready.

Fourth World by Lyssa Chiavari

Imagine a sci-fi take on The Lost City of Atlantis, and that’s basically what this book is: two teens on two different worlds team up to find the city of Elytherios. Looks like both protagonists are on the ace spectrum: one of them may be demisexual and the other, ace.

Banner of the Damned by Sherwood Smith

Your standard fantasy novel about politics and magic and everything. Not only is there an ace main character, but the world-building/character-building is so different compared to “mainstream” fantasy. Like, imagine: women characters that are actually given agency and power and aren’t used as sexually abused plot devices.

Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver

A book that seamlessly includes fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian genres, where a group of friends works together to take down a tyrannical government. Ya know, like ya do. An asexual protagonist that carries a huge amount of anxiety? Wow, it’s me. Overall, there’s an extremely diverse cast: queer identities, racial identities, and non-monogamous identities all rolling into one.

Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Two friends research the origins of extraordinary abilities while in college, but they eventually become nemeses as they grow apart. One of that main characters is asexual, so that’s cool. Also? I love some “friends to enemies” and anti-heroes tropes.

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

Wow, look, a horror book with three kick-ass girl protagonists who try to figure out a mystery before it’s too late. It’s totally my jam. One of the protagonists is ace! I do have to say, though, I know for a fact that there’s ace-antagonism in this one, so take caution if you’re sensitive to that.


Baker Thief by Claudie Arseneault

A superhero book in which a baker steals a magical gem from an officer; little do people know that these gems that can grant superpowers hold witch souls, which is what the baker’s sister is. Hello, we have enemies to lovers with aromantic characters! So that’s awesome. Also, as you’ll see soon enough, this author loves aro, ace, and aro-ace characters, and I”m here for it.

Viral Airwaves by Claudie Arseneault

Sci-fi books with your classic group of Queers™️ who take down a gross tyrannical government. I’m pretty sure no one is allocishet, and that’s my favorite thing about this book, which I have not read. There’s an enby aromantic gay character, too!

An Accident of Stars by Foz Meadows

A fantasy novel in which a woman accidentally travels to another world, where a kingdom is under siege. The aromantic character is in a polyamort trio with two other women! And her aromanticism is (supposedly) not seen as something to be “overcome” at all!

The Trouble by Daria Defore

A book about a band and its college-aged frontman whose TA for class is a guy he hit on before? Classic. The frontman ending up being allosexual and aromantic? An even better classic.

Syncopation by Anna Zabo

Another band book! This one is where the protagonist, the frontman for his band Twisted Wishes, and a past friend/now drummer, collide for a tour. Guess what, the main character is aromantic pansexual! And it looks like there’s some BDSM (D/s) elements, too, if that’s your thing.

epicene: a short story by Constance Bougie

Here’s a short story about a student with social anxiety and an aromantic crush on another classmate. Sounds to me that the main character is an enby aromantic person with social anxeity, and I’m excited. Also, when I say short, I mean it; it’s less than 20 pages.

Novis by Rachel Tonks Hill

A neat sci-fi novel in which the main character and her two friends attempt to break a curse on a colony that is suceeding in killing the inhabitants. Guess what, one of the protagonists is aromantic! Annnnd, three women kicking ass is always a must-buy for me.

Lost Names by A.N. Mouse

Another sci-fi novel, where two teams are sent after the same thing, but only one make it out alive. Apparently, it’s sad, and you know it’s sad, but you’re still sad at the end. It also looks very queer, and there’s a bisexual aromantic main character!


The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy by Mackenzi Lee

So, obivously, the first book, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue includes Felicity, who is Monty’s sister, but this second one is where she’s center stage. From what I understand, both books are historical fiction “road” trips…and the second one somehow involves dragons? I love it even more, especially since Felicity is aro-ace.

City of Strife by Claudie Arseneault

Here’s another fantasy novel rooted in politics, but you don’t (shouldn’t) even notice it. There’s a diverse cast of characters: characters of color, disabled characters, and almost all of the main cast (if not all of them) are queer! I’m a bit hazy on this, but there are either both ace and aro characters, or an ace-aro character; either way, from what I read, it is very ace and aro friendly!

An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon

This sci-fi novel is based in a space vessel that is similar in culture to the Antebellum South, where Aster lives in the lower decks as a slave. Aster’s caretaker is aromantic and asexual, and there is a large amount of other queer characters (including Aster!). Overall, this book deals with racism and slavery, and it definitely isn’t a light read; check the reviews on Goodreads for CWs if you have to, please.

Immoral Code by Lillian Clark

A group of teens does what it takes to make sure one of their own can go to her dream school… i.e. they steal money from her billionaire dad. One of the protagonists is aro-ace! Also, really, I just love groups of friends getting together to do morally grey things.


  • The FuckYeahAsexual tumblr blog has a lot of neat info, not just about asexuality in general, but also on recs of media with ace characters.
  • This list and this one, which are both Goodreads lists, helped me find a bunch of books with ace characters.
  • There’s also this, like, master post of Goodreads lists that supposedly have books with ace characters (though, as you can see if you click, there are a lot of them filed under LGBT+ lists, and not specifically ace lists.
  • On to the aromantic info links, I have this one! Also a Goodreads list, specifically of aromantic characters in SFF (science fiction and fantasy).
  • Just like with the asexual characters master post, there is also one for aromantic characters on Goodreads. A lot of them, like the ace list, are listed under broad LGBT+ lists, but there are some aro-specific lists, too.
  • There’s this list post from Rachel over at Rustling Reads that has over 10 books with aro/aro-ace characters!
  • Look, it’s the biggest, most in-depth aromantic and/or asexual character database I’ve ever seen! Thanks to Claudie Arseneault for creating this (yes, the same Claudie Arseneault who has, like, three books on this list). I found most of the books with aromantic characters through this database, so please go check it out. Also, here’s the page that explains the database more.

And that’s it, everyone! Like I said earlier, I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I’m sorry I couldn’t have gotten up earlier (…I’m only an hour late, lol).

I hope all of my ace siblings and aro pals had a comfortable, enjoyable day despite what the holiday can mean to a lot of us. I love you all. ❤



MONTHLY TBR #11 | February 2019

Hi, everyone! I know I’m surprised every time another month rolls around, but uh…I’m shocked it’s already February. I’m so not ready for it…ha! So, I”m kinda re-doing my format for TBRs — I am now dividing it into books I have started reading, haven’t started reading, and books that I’ve picked from my TBR jar. Thought it would make it look nicer. Let’s get into what I (hope I) will read for February!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

Hey, look, it’s my favorite HP book that I definitely could’ve finished last month but didn’t. Here’s to hoping I can finish it this month. If not, oh well, I’m stopping the reread for the year. #SorryNotSorry.

The Shadow Girl by Misty Mount

I’m hoping to finish this within the first couple weeks — it’s actually a really fun book so far. I just have a horrible time reading on my laptop. I get so easily distracted… anywho, I have pretty high hopes for this book!

Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, and Murder in the Battle of New Orleans by Gary Krist

We’ll just ignore the fact that I forgot to include this in my wrap-up for January. I barely made a dent in this book; the last part of January was just super hectic for me, and I didn’t have the time to read as much as I wanted. However, I have a solid day to get through this book, and I think I can do it…We’ll see if I actually succeed.

Sister Citizens: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America by Melissa V. Harris-Perry

To be honest, I don’t know if we’re reading the whole book for class or just chunks of it. If we only read parts, then I will try to finish it on my own, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it if I don’t. If we do read all of it…then that’s another book down!

Bulletproof by Jeff LaFerney

Okay, so I actually have read this book before, back when I first got it in elementary or middle school. I just don’t remember a thing, so I figured I would reread it. I actually met the author when my mom bought it for me! He was running a writing workshop I went to — I was really into writing at the time and wanted to be an author when I was older. He personalized it and everything! Anyway, it’s a mystery book with a main character with psychic powers who tries to solve a murder.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

I originally read the classic in school and remember liking it. So, I figured “why not?” Let’s see if it holds up after five years! It probably won’t because I’m really picky now about classics I think are good, but we can at least try it out. For those who don’t know, Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian book set in a world where books are considered illegal and are burned upon seeing them.

Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World by Bill Nye

Fun fact: I bought a copy for both myself and my partner back when it first came out. It was signed! I actually pre-ordered it! Well, guess what, y’all. Neither of us have read it yet. It’s been almost four years, and we haven’t touched it. So I was pretty content when I pulled it out of my TBR jar.

Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen

This was one that was on my TBR last month, and it’s being transferred to February. Still hoping it’s good and that, ya know, I actually get to it. It’ll be interesting to see if there are things I don’t know about in this books.

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

The more I stare it, the less I want to read it, but I really want to read King of Scars. So. You see my predicament. I do have to say, though, I absolutely love the cover. Just not that excited for the plot, ya know?

Sadie by Courtney Summers

I’ve had the audiobook on hold since the day after Christmas, and I’m fifth on the list now…I just want to read it because I’ve heard nothing but good things about Sadie. I hope I can get it this month.

Campfire by Shawn Sarles

I placed a hold on this one last month, and I’m still #10 on the list… I don’t think I’ll be able to get to this one, but I’ll put it down just in case. It sounded pretty interesting at the library — Campfire is a horror YA book about a family going camping in the forest. You see where this is going, right?

Send me productive thoughts because I’m going to really need them this month if I’m going to get through eleven books in the shortest month of the year. Seriously. What the hell did I get myself into?

Are any of you like me, and decided to tackle a bunch of books this month? What are you thinking of reading? Let me know!

Until next time~



MONTHLY WRAP-UP #11 | January 2019

Hi, everyone! Can you believe it’s already February? Because I sure can’t. Well, here’s what I’ve read this past month, and what I’m currently reading!


City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

⭐⭐⭐⭐ .5
4.5/5 stars


This was the first book I finished in 2019, and I loved it! I don’t read as much middle grade as I would like, so I really enjoyed this one. It’s a spooky ghost story with Cass, a girl who can see and talk to ghosts, and Joacob, her ghost-y best friend!

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

5/5 stars


Another V.E. Schwab book finished, and I loved it even more than City of Ghosts! I loved everything about it: the characters, the plot, the magic, the setting. All of it. The book follows Kell, a magician, and Lila, a girl with the love for adventure, as they try to take a mysterious stone back to its rightful place. Please read it, it’s my new fav next to Six of Crows.

Sula by Toni Morrison

⭐⭐⭐⭐ .5
4.5/5 stars


If you’re interested in classics, black authors, or anything remotely connected to either of those two, look into Sula. I’m usually not for books considered classics, but I really enjoyed this one. Sula is about the lives of two childhood best friends, Sula and Nell, throughout their lives.

Maurice by E.M. Forster

⭐⭐⭐ .5
3.5/5 stars

This one doesn’t have an official review because I read it for a class. It was pretty good; nothing to call home about, though. I wasn’t really connected with any of the characters. However, I do have to say, that last scene between Maurice and Clive made me laugh. I don’t think it was supposed to? But it did.

Sister Citizens: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America by Melissa V. Harris-Perry.

Another book for a class — I’m almost halfway through it, and so far, so good. It’s pretty self-explanatory: it delves into stereotypes about Black women in the United States and how shame may affect them. There’s a lot I’ve annotated so far, so if social science and race are your thing, give it a try.

The Shadow Girl by Misty Mount

It is so hard for me to finish e-books, apparently. I started this in the beginning of January, and I’m still working on it. It’s not bad at all — I’m actually quite enjoying it — but I just can’t seem to bring myself to open the Kindle app on my laptop. The Shadow Girl is about an invisible girl, both literally and metaphorically!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

So this would have been finished, except 65% of the way through the audiobook, my account decided to log itself out. And the password and login weren’t saved. Pair that with the fact that I didn’t feel like digging out my library card (it was through OverDrive), and you have an unfinished book.

There you go, my January wrap-up! I didn’t do qute as much as I wanted to, but that’s okay. I’ll have all next month to catch up! …Says every reader every month.

Let me know what you’ve read this month! What was your favorite and/or least favorite book of the month? Do you constantly see yourself pushing books back to read?

Until next time~



NON-BOOKISH ADVENTURES #1 | Who’s That Pokemon Team? (Part 1)

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my first-ever Non-Bookish Adventures post! This one is pretty fun and/or unique, I think. For this series, I choose four or five characters from different media and create a team of 4-6 Pokemon that I think would suit them. By media, I mean anyone from books, video games, TV shows, etc. I really hope this works out and that you all enjoy this!

Since I explained everything, let’s begin!

1. Honchkrow

This seems…self-explanatory? He always has crows around his window sill, and he has a crow head for his cane handle, so Honchkrow seems to fit perfectly.

2. Persian

Kaz forces greed to do his bidding, so Persian would be a perfect fit for him. You can’t tell me this cat doesn’t hoarde all the gold it finds. He also strikes me as a cat person? They both like to show and receive affection on their own terms. Their own very specific terms.

3. Umbreon

This is a headcanon, but I think Kaz would hate sleeping in absolute darkness. He does it because he has to, obviously, but Umbreon could be a mellow nightlight that lets him sleep better.

4. Scyther

I mean, sure, Kaz doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty when he has to, but Scyther can for sure be good for the threatening factor. Who wouldn’t be at least a little antsy with a giant-ass bug with sycthes as hands?

1. Lucario

Listen, a friend of mine loves both Kingdom Hearts (especially Kairi) and Lucario, so I now have this association in my mind. And I dunno, I just think Lucario would suit Kairi nicely with both their personalities.

2. Meganium

Hear me out. Kairi has a flowery keyblade, and Meganium has a literal petal/flower crown neck thing. They are both very cute. And Meganium also calms people through the aroma from its petals! I think that fits Kairi well, eve if she is an adequate fighter.

3. Togepi

LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE TOGEPI IS. You can’t tell me Kairi wouldn’t snatch ’em up as soon as she got the chance. Also? Togekiss is a badass, just like Kai.

4. Milotic

Listen, you cannot tell me this isn’t the most elegant-looking Pokemon out there. And beacuse it is so elegant and beautiful, it would be a great match for Kairi. Also, I”m just thinking that Kairi found a Feebas on Destiny Islands and stayed with it until it evolved into Milotic, and they go everywhere together.

5. Roserade

Another “beautiful but deadly” kind of Pokemon that would totally fuck me up. Similarly with Milotic, I just think Kai met a little Budew on the islands, and now they’re both all grown up and strong as heck. And another floral Pokemon because that’s Kairi’s aesthetic, let’s be honest.

1. Snorlax

Okay, for those of you who know the show, you’ll probably see this as a cop-out, but still. Both Snorlax and Grif are incredibly lazy and love food, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, I see Snorlax as a wonderful pillow, so that’s a perk, too. ‘Cause we all know Grif would take a nap every chance he could get.

2. Hippopotas

If you spent as much time in a desert canyon like Blood Gulch, you would also make friends with a cute little hippo….like Grif. And you would also be gruff about it, not admitting that you’re friends with it….like Grif.

3. Pignite

Pignite has two uses: making damn good barbeque, ’cause ya know, it’s a fire pig, and it can also scare Simmons away when he’s being too annoying, saying that Grif is eating too many of the rations and “we’re all going to starve now!” And for some reason, I just headcanon Grif to be the guy who ends up adopting all the cute animal Pokemon, like with Hippopotas.

4. Drilbur

See the previous note about adopting adorable Pokemon. But also, since Drilbur has the ability to, ya know, dig, it can probably do something goofy like dig a giant hole, where the ground is cool, so Grif could just hop down and cool off (and also hide from the other Reds). Sarge might threaten to fill the hole with Grif still in it, obviously, but still.

1. Zorua

It makes sense that a magician has a Pokemon with an illusion ability, right? Totally. And uh. I think I have a type of character who is a man that secretly (or not-so-secretly) love cute animal-like Pokemon. Zorua is a cute shadow fox that deserves all the good things in life.

2. Haxorus

Back again with the “he’s a magician” excuse. And because he’s a magician, he needs a cool-looking dragon friend, who may also have the ability to rip your limbs off. ‘Cause, ya know, sometimes the twins deserve it, amiright?

3. Cubchoo

You cannot tell me Kell would walk past this little guy while in White London and do absolutely nothing. Look at the snot coming out of its nose, it practically can’t take care of itself. Also, when it evolves, it will be a complete powerhouse that Kell would still try to protect “because you were so little before, I need to keep you safe.”

4. Dragonite

Yet another Dragon-type, but the cute dragon, ya know? If Kell has a murder-dragon, he has to have a cuddle-dragon. For balance, obviously. Also, I’m not quite sure how it would work, but Dragonite could totally send messages quickly between worlds, or just within the same world, if Kell needed it.

So that was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, but it was so fun, too! Please please please let me know how you like it. What other characters would you like to see for this mini feature? Let me know!



TOP TEN TUESDAY #5 | New-to-Me Authors I Read in 2018

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday (we’ll just ignore the fact that it’s technically Wednesday because, damn, I just want to get a single post up finally…). For those of you that don’t know, TTT is a weekly meme ran by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s meme is new-to-me authors read in 2018. However, instead of ten, I’ll have five because as some of you may know, ten is usually too much for me.

5. John Aljvide Lindqvist

The first (and so far, only) book I read of this author’s was Let the Right One In, which is, essentially, a character-driven vampire novel. I only rated the book three stars, but I did like some aspects of the book. If I found another one of his novels, I would probably pick it up. My biggest issue with Let the Right One In was actually the characters, so maybe if I tried something else of Lindqvist’s, I would enjoy it better. So, yeah, long story short, while I wasn’t over the moon about the first book I read of his, I would probably try out another novel by him.

4. Rachel Caine

I feel like I don’t giver Caine, or Ink and Bone, enough love. Seriously, both the book and the author blew me away, and it was amazing. I’m not going to lie, I almost completely forgot about Ink and Bone; not because it was horrible or anything. I’m just really bad with remembering what books I read. I loved Ink and Bone and its characters and the world that is built. It was very unique for me, and I should have picked up the sequel, like, six months ago. (I think I actually did, but was too busy to read it, unfortunately)

3. Mark Oshiro

I think I read Anger is a Gift back in May, and it was amazing. I loved all the characters and how anxiety was protrayed. I thought Oshiro did a wonderful job with the portrayal of the effects of trauma and mental illness on people. While I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the way Moss treats his mom in various parts throughout the book, I thought that, overall, Oshiro has a wonderful way with words. It would be an honor to read something else written by him.

2. Roxane Gay

Believe it or not, Bad Feminist was one of my first reads of 2018, and I’m so glad it was. It was such a good book, and I really enjoyed reading it. If you find yourself liking “un-feminist” things (I think one of Gay’s examples she uses for herself is a certain subgenre of rap music) while calling yourself a feminist, and feeling guilty about it, I would recommend you give this a read. I also read Hunger later on for a class, and it was phenomenal. (I would point out a heavy CW for fat-shaming and sexual violence, though, just as a heads up). Finally, last week, I actually won another of Gay’s books in a raffle, called Difficult Women. Anyway, I think Gay is a wonderful author, and I cannot wait to read more of her work.

1. C.B. Lee

Is literally anyone surprised by this? It wouldn’t be a “new-to-me” list if I didn’t have C.B. Lee, would it? (By the way, she liked my tweet screaming about how I wasn’t ready for the cover reveal of Not Your Backup, which…I almost died. Again.). I remember that Not Your Sidekick was the first book I have ever annotated outside of Six of Crows, and I was so nervous about it. Honestly, thought, I found myself squeling and writing variations of “awww” and “omg!” all over the place. It was such a fluffy book with a fun f/f romance, and I am so glad I impulsively bought Lee’s book because then I would have truly missed out.

And there you have it, everyone, my top 10 5 new-to-me authors of 2018. I tried to give a shoutout to authors I haven’t talked about much on my blog, and I think I did a pretty good job! So, tell me: what were your new authors, either last year or one you just got to this month? Were any of these authors new to you, or where they old favorites (or not-so-favorites)?



TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY #6 | 2019 Reading Resolutions

Hi, everyone! Here we are at another Wednesday, just in time for Top 5 Wednesday. T5W is brought to you by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. There is also a Goodreads group if you want to learn more about it and/or participate! This week’s theme is 2019 reading resolutions. Let’s begin!


5. Keep track of my bookish stats

This is sort of a reading resolution, isn’t it? Either way, seeing everyone’s 2018 wrap-up posts have inspired me. I never kept track of what I read outside of what I do through Goodreads. And graphs? Yes, please, I love visuals. It would also be interesting to see what kinds of books and genres I read more of. I’ll be tracking this through Kal’s blogging spreadsheet!

4. Reduce my physical TBR as much as possible

Probably like many a book lover, I have let my bookshelves become overrun by unread books. To try and remedy this, I am creating my own TBR jar. I have of my unread books written on slips of paper (minus the ones that are part of a series, so I don’t read them out of order). Then, every month, I will pick four titles and (try to) read them all along w ith books I choose. You can see it in action in my January TBR!

3. Find more books with queer protagonists

A goal like this one is going to be forever ongoing. I won’t ever not keep an eye out for books with queer characters. However, there is a small caveat: at least half of these books will have queer characters of color, disabled queer characters, mentally ill queer characters… In short, I am trying to find more queer characters outside of white cisgender gay men/boys.

2. Read at least five 2019 releases

If you all couldn’t tell from my list of reviews, I am horrible when it comes to reading new releases. I think I only read three or four 2018 releases last year? So I really want to try harder in reading them this year, and seven seems like a good enough number. I already have a good amount of books in line, so I think this will be fun.

1. Start two new series

I’m pretty excited for this one! I want to read more series that are longer than three or four books. On top of that, I want to make it a bit more challenging. I already know of some series, with preconceived notions about them. To combat this, the two series I read will be ones that I have never heard of before. Without knowing anything, I hope to be able to fully enjoy myself without any expectations for once!


And there are my reading goals for 2019! Do you have any 2019 reading resolutions? If so, let me know!

Until next time~