Non-Bookish Adventures

So the title makes it pretty self-explanatory, but this is where you’ll find all of the posts that aren’t primarily about any bookish things. I think the announcement post does a pretty good job of explaining it! Basically, this will be the spot that I yell into the void about my other hobbies, like music, video games, etc. Hope y’all enjoy!

Who’s that Pokemon Team?: This is a cute bit I have where I think of characters from different forms of media, like books and video games and movies, and pair them with a Pokemon team that I think would suit them.

Video Games: I really enjoy video games, but I only play, like, three of them. That doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts about them, though! This is where all my video game content will be.

Music: I…love music. Like, a lot. If you want any of my music opinions (which, I assure you, nobody asked for), feel free to click away!

Food/Diet: I don’t talk a lot about it, but I’m vegetarian. Sometimes, I’ll talk about what I eat and the like.